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Head Coach

Gago Demirchian

Learn more about our head Coach. Gago is a National Épée Coach. Head coach of the Épée program at LAIFC, Gago runs the Épée Junior Program, a training program for young athletes, from which several participants actively fence in international events.



The Sports of Fencing

The Benefits of Fencing

Fencing is often referred to as physical chess because it is challenging both physically and mentally. As fencers compete against their opponents, students build stamina, strength and coordination while developing their strategic thinking. The fencing community is comprised of people from diverse international backgrounds, many of whom hold a shared emphasis on the importance of education. Not only do fencers interact with other fencers at their club and local competitions, but they will have the opportunity to travel to compete regionally, nationally and eventually internationally.

Epee Fencers Recruited to Elite Universities

Many of Coach Demirchian’s epee fencers have been recruited to attend top elite universities. Fencing is an Ivy League and NCAA competitive sport.

Some of the universities Gago’s students have
attended include: Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Yale, Brown, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, Northwestern and Stanford.

Fencing is an alternative to team sports.

Fencing is a great alternative for both young and old
who prefer an individual rather than team sport. Often one child starts, then a younger sibling and even a parent, and soon the whole family is involved.
Not only is fencing a great sport for children of all ages, it is a great family activity with events from Y8 to veteran!