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Orange County Fencing Academy provide the highest level of instruction for the sport of fencing specialized in Epee. We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence through the sport of fencing. Our coach, Gago Demirchian has been producing outstanding scholar-atheletes and life-long learners. Many of his students are Junior Olympic Champions, Junior World Cup Champions, North American Cup Finalists, and even Olympic Medalists. We set high goals and support our students to pursue their goals through a history of hard work, perseverance, and determination. These dedication and commitment that it requires make it impressive accomplishment on the resume of any high school student athelete when applying for college. As an only Epee fencing club in Orange County, Orange County Fencing Academy will broaden the base support for Epee in fencing in the United States, and especially in Orange County, California.


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head coach

Gago Demirchian

Born in Armenia, Gago started fencing as a boy under the coaching of his father, Eduard Demirchian. Gago went on to win many national and international medals, before moving on to earn his fencing master from the Institute of Physical Education and Sports in the USSR. Since coaching in the USA, his students have won numerous national and international awards, and represented the USA on national senior, junior and cadet world championship, NCAA and Olympic teams.